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Talent policy

Adhering to the development strategy of “Global Vision, National Strategy, Talent Supporting and Innovation Driving”, Yuanda Science and Technology Park takes the initiative to implement an operation model that separates scientific research and development from industrial operation. Relying on independent market-based operation, we adopt the nationally initiated scientific research innovation system, creatively introduce systems such as privatization of knowledge, commercialization of achievements, lifelong benefit system, capitalization of property rights, corporation system of scientific research and responsibility system of projects into our management mechanism, supplemented by effective share incentive mechanism. We are committed to building an internationally advanced system of scientific research and public services and accelerating the incubation of high-tech industries and development of cutting-edge talents.

Abiding by relevant national laws and regulations, Yuanda Science and Technology Park provides its employees with complete welfare treatments, including five social insurances and one housing fund, maternity leave, paternity leave, wedding leave, annual leave etc. in line with related requirements.
      Flexible working schedule: In a flexible working schedule, engineers can flexibly arrange their working hours rather than follow a unified and fixed work schedule under the precondition of finishing their tasks.
       Paid annual leave: The days of paid annual leave of an employee will be calculated based on the working years of the employee. Here the working years refer to the total years the employee has worked since he/she stepped into the society.
      Traffic allowance: The company offers traffic allowanceto employees based on the actual distance between the home address of the employee and the company by subway.
      Cash gift for newly-weds and new parents: The company offers cash gift to the newly-weds and new parents.

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