Senior Leaders of SSI Schaef ...

On July 4, 2017, Michael Mohr, Global Executive Vice President of SSI Schaefer Automation and Guo Renzheng, President of China Region, paid an inspection visit to our company, accompanied by Li Xiangqi, President of Shenyang Yuanda Science a

High-tech Products of Shenya ...

Insisting on the Scientific Outlook on Development and enhancing the independent innovation capacity, with an aim to promote the military and civilian integration and accelerate the development of defence and military information, the CNTE

A Remarkable “Double-layer ...

Source: Science and Technology Daily Reporter: Zhang Jiaxing The double-layer magic box imitates a zero gravity environment with a load of 400 kg What experts say about the equipment Many black pieces of iron piled up seem as weighty as hun

Thinking on Development Path ...

Source: Sina On the 9 th National Salon of Leading Entrepreneurs of Curtain Wall Industry which was convened recently, the entrepreneurs voiced good suggestions on the development of curtain wall industry under the new normal state. They ha

Active Vibration Isolation S ...

Abstract: The Tianzhou-1 that has been shot recently is designed to achieve rendezvous and docking with Tiangong-2 and replenish propellant in the orbit, and carry out a series of tasks of space science experiment and technology test. The T

NASA to Conduct Vibration Te ...

Its reported by foreign media that due to the large scale and complex assembly of James Webb Space Telescope, some equipment are usually used to test whether the detector meets the standard only. One of such equipment is vibration table, wh

How to Develop Industrial Ro ...

Source: Peoples Daily The Ministry of Industry and Information is drafting entry conditions for the industry, raising the entry threshold, and strictly guarding against the risks of developing the high-end industry of industrial robot to a

Taxing Robots is Not a Right ...

Source: Peoples Daily Are robots taking up the jobs from the human? Professor Brynjolfsson and MaAfee of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology argued that if we say, in the past while taking jobs away, the robots create more jobs, then

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