New Robotic Species Blessed with AI and AR Black Technology of Yuanda Collaborative Robot


At 2018 Hannover Messe, Yuanda Collaborative Robot’s booth was crowded by the visitors, who were wearing AR glasses (augmented reality glasses), facing the Yuanda collaborative robot M6, gently moving their fingers and dragging several times in the air. Then the robot began to identify the target object in response to their command, grabbing and moving the target to the specified target location, which took only a few minutes. "I never thought that robots can be so operator friendly!"

In terms of the traditional industrial robots, there is always an insurmountable obstacle between robot manufacturers and end users because the robot systems are complicated to use and require professional training and practice. Moreover, the operation of robots shall be supported with peripheral equipment, such as feeding equipment, fixtures and various sensors. To narrow this gap, Yuanda Robotics is committed to improving the robot's steep learning curve, enhancing the robot's sensing capability and intelligence level, and creating robots ready to use. With the help of AR glasses, built-in visual AI and graphical user interface, Yuanda Robotics greatly simplifies the robot deployment process by simply moving your fingers to complete a simple task, which takes only a few minutes. As long as you can operate a smart phone, you can use a Yuanda Robotics. Feeling, seeing, thinking and understanding, which are capabilities originally only available to human beings, make Yuanda Roboticss unique.
Many visitors waited for trial drag teaching and graphical programming at Yuanda Robotics’s booth
      While providing a completely graphic-based user interface and drag teaching, Yuanda Robotics also supports the traditional teaching pendant, giving the skilled users more choices. In order to achieve co-production with on-site workers, Yuanda Robotics is equipped with the complete collision avoidance and collision detection algorithm that essentially guarantees the safety of users. At present, the Yuanda Robotics has applied for five German patents covering core technologies such as security, visual AI, and augmented reality assistance to protect its core competitive advantages.

Graphical user interface

Drag teaching
      Based on the modular hardware and software design, Yuanda Robotics can flexibly customize the most cost-effective robot configuration for customers in a short time according to their requirements. In addition to the 6-axis robots, Yuanda Robotics also demonstrated two 3-axis products, presenting customers many different possibilities.

Robots with different configurations based on modular joints
      Yuanda Robotics GmbH was established in Hanover, Germany in February 2017, mainly invested by Shenyang Yuanda Aluminum Group. The core team is from Leibniz University Hanover, including the strategic leader Prof. Dr. Tobias Ortmaier, director of the Institute for Mechatronic Systems, and Dr. Jens Kotlarski, general manager of the company. At present, the company has a total of 20 R&D personnel and plans to increase the number of employees to 50 within 12 to 18 months. Yuanda Robotics plans to officially launch and accept orders for its mass produced robots by the end of 2018.

Yuanda Robotics M6

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