Shenyang Yuanda Equipment Science & Technology Co. Ltd. Approved as National Technology-based SME


Recently, according to the Evaluation method for technology-based SMEs (Guo Ke Fa Zheng [2017] No. 115) and the Guideline for evaluation of technology-based SMEs (Guo Ke Huo Zi [2017] No. 144), the Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology Department published the list of the third batch of technology-based SMEs approved in 2018, among which Shenyang Yuanda Equipment Science & Technology Co. Ltd. was included. It signified that Shenyang Yuanda Equipment Science & Technology Co. Ltd. has achieved initial results in the development of technology-based enterprises, and also lays the foundation for scientific and technological innovation of Shenyang Yuanda Science &Technology Venture Company.
     Attachment: List of the third batch of technology-based SMEs approved in Liaoning province in 2018

Shenyang Yuanda Group
Shenyang Yuanda Intelligent Simulation Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenyang Yuanda Intelligent Industry Group LLC
Shenyang Yuanda Aluminum Industry Group Co., Ltd.