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At 2018 Hannover Messe, Yuanda Collaborative Robotsboothwas crowded bythe visitors, who werewearingAR glasses (augmented reality glasses), facing the Yuanda collaborativerobot M6, gently movingtheir fingers and draggingseveral times in the a

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Recently, according to the Evaluation method fortechnology-based SMEs (Guo Ke Fa Zheng [2017]No. 115) and the Guideline for evaluation of technology-based SMEs (Guo Ke Huo Zi [2017] No. 144), the Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology De

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WorldwideDebutof Manufacturers Hanover Collaborative Robots The 2018 Hannover Messeopened at the International ExpoCenter in Hanover, Germanyon April 23, 2018. As the worlds largest industrial exposition, the Hannover Messehas always been t

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To set upa platform for youths to display, communicate, integrate resources and incubate projects in theirinnovation and entrepreneurship, we integrate resourcesfor entrepreneurship, create a social atmosphere that cares about and support y

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On April 27, 2018, Accompanied by Mr. Li Xiangqi, Chairman of Shenyang YuandaScience Technology VentureCompany, Mr. Li Zhiying, Director of Development and Reform Bureau of Tiexi District (Development Zone), Professor Gao Hang of Dalian Uni

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Debut ofYuanda with the Latest Technologyatthe 20th Northeast China Security Expo published in the 8th pageof the Shenyang Dailyon April 8th, 2018 URL: (Shenyang Daily) Debut ofYuanda

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The 2018 Hannover Messe opened at the International Expo Center in Hanover, Germany on April 23, 2018. As one of the worlds largest industrial expositions, the Hannover Messe has always been the bellwether in the global industrial field. Th

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Shenyang Yuanda RoboticsGmbHwill debut itsnew generation of robotsat the Hannover Messe in April this year. This product is completely developed and manufactured locally in Hannover,and isthe robot genuinely manufacturedin Hannover. Thanks t

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