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Talent Philosophy

Yuanda Science and Technology Park adheres to the talent philosophy of “Talent and Virtue Oriented. Assigning People with Both to Key Positions.People with Abilities and VirtueExercise Power, People with Abilities and Without Virtue Work in the Middle Level, People without Practical Abilities Work in the Grass-root Level, People with Wisdom Assist Leaders, and People without Abilities and Making No Attempt to Progress Shall be Dismissed”. Professional and technical talents are recruited from four sources, namely “foreign experts, manufacturing bases, research teams and overseas returnees” andtake the initiative to separate scientific research and development from industrial operation and operate independently based on the market. We take the initiative to corporatize intellectual properties, assign benefits to individuals, share scientific researchers and develop technologies based on the concept of public service platform.Other than providing the enterprise with paid technology research and development, we provide other enterprises with related technical services such as consulting, so as to truly lead the market with technology, re-build the manufacture sector and create a source of technology in the Northeastern China.

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