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Innovation Mechanisms

— Privatization of Knowledge

“Privatization of Knowledge” is the core guiding thought for the innovation system and mechanisms of Yuanda.

According to the philosophy of “Privatization of Knowledge”, knowledge is a means of production belonging to the talents and involved in the production process along with other means of production of the enterprise. Knowledge is stored in the brains of talents, so it will be transferred with the mobility of talents. Only by recognizing and understanding the “privatization of knowledge” can we take talents as partners for business development rather than employees only. Only by doing so can we set up excellent systems and mechanisms, truly “respect knowledge and talents”, safegaurd the rights and benefits of talents, thereby stimulating the potential of individuals, transforming knowledge into achievements, realizing innovation, entrepreneurship and wealth and promoting the development of the enterprise, the country and the people.

— Commercialization of Achievements

“Commercialization of Achievements” is the key to the innovation system and mechanisms of Yuanda, which is intended to solve tough issues whose values are difficult to measure in scientific research achievements. 

We use commercialized benefits for the market to measure the values of our scientific research achievements and the contributions of our technicians, so that they can be paid according to their contributions and contribute their knowledge willingly and share the surplus values of the enterprise.

— Scientific Research Based on Corporate System

Both parties will establish a company for any project with a promising market prospect, advanced technologies and high anticipated benefits. Based on the value of the new company anticipated by each member of the core team, Yuanda will offer a certain proportion of the company’s shares to the members, allow them to buy a certain proportion of the company’s shares. The core team will be the subject to operate the new company. Yuanda will offer assistance to the new company in areas such as market promotion, team building, project management, patent application and trial production of sample preparation machines.

— Lifelong Benefit System

Lifelong benefit means that benefits will be available in the whole life cycle of products or achievements.

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