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 International network

Established on a global vision, the opportunities in China, the globally largest market of technology, and a layout in advantaged regions of technology and talent, we introduce projects and talents from the US, Israel, Europe (Germany), the UK, Japan and Russia and establish joint ventures and cooperation with excellent enterprises in the world.

Yuanda is exploring Chinese market based on its marketing centers in 30-plus key cities of China, developing a sales service network in over 140 countries and regions, with an aim to fully unleash the functions of integration and radiation of its global business and service network.

We hope to help settled enterprises publicize and promote their products and provide them with more convenience with our own strong capacity and influence.

Around fields such as agricultural machinery and equipment, industrial engineering, aerospace and aviation, ship engineering, we focus our attention to strategic emerging industries mentioned in “Made in China 2025” and “Firm Industrial Foundation Project”, make thorough researches and investigations, mine technologies and products urgently demanded by the domestic market, and actively search for large industries and projects that can upgrade the industries and substitute imports. Through domestic and international collaboration, we will fulfill the company’s overall strategic goal.

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