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Company Introduction

Shenyang Yuanda Enterprise Group (hereinafter referred to as “CNYD”) is a diversified non-public high-tech enterprise. Established in 1993, it has gradually developed into a large enterprise group supported by intelligent construction industry, intelligent industry, intelligent agriculture, scientific and technological industry and financial trade.

Yuanda focuses on developing curtain wall and industrialized residence in the field of intelligent building; focuses on developing elevator manufacture, variable frequency and energy-saving motor, wind power generation and industrial robot in the field of intelligent industry; mainly develops precise drip-permeation planting technology and agricultural machinery manufacture in the field of intelligent agriculture; mainly engages in research projects such as industrial robot, industrialized residence, intelligent control of dynamic force, ultrasonic application, industrial engineering and processing, precise control and vibration in the field of science and technology; focuses on business such as real estate development, investment and development of energy projects, investment and financing for various projects, trading and agency of products, integration of resources in financial trade worldwide.

Yuanda has established two listed companies: Yuanda China Holdings Co., Ltd. (02789.HK), Shenyang Yuanda Intelligent Industry Group LLC (002689.SZ) (namely, the former Shenyang Brilliant Elevator Co., Ltd.).

Adhering to an operation philosophy of “Leading the Market with Technology, Creating Values with Services” and a development strategy of “Independent Brands, Independent Intellectual Properties, Independent Marketing Network”, Yuanda has gradually grown into a world-class expert on integration of high-end resources.

As an internationally trusted and respected service provider and manufacturer, Yuanda has secured a position for times in such authoritative lists as “ENR Global Top 250 Contractors”, “ENR Global Top 250 International Contractors”, “ENR Global Top 150 Design Companies”, “ENR Global Top 225 International Design Companies”, “Top 500 Chinese Enterprises”, “Top 100 Chinese Transnational Corporations”, and won many highest honors at home and abroad such as “First Prize of National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology of China”.

Nowadays, in the changeful age of information and big data, Yuanda is exploring Chinese market based on its marketing centers in 30-plus key cities of China, developing a sales service network in over 140 countries and regions, with an aim to fully unleash the functions of integration and radiation of its global business and service network. Upholding the contractual spirit, Yuanda Enterprise Group aims to form a big family and achieve a deep and extensive win-win cooperation with all partners around the world.

Officially established on October 17, 2013, the Park was co-invested and constructed by the government of Shenyang and Shenyang Yuanda Enterprise Group. Occupying 104,000 ㎡, with a total floor area of 32,000 ㎡, the Park lies in Shenyang Economy and Technology Development Zone, a state-level economy and technology development zone, comprising main buildings such as R&D building, industrial incubator building, experiment center and multi-functional exhibition hall of science and technology.

The Park is an incubation platform for high-tech venture businesses oriented around high-end equipment manufacture and the largest technical innovation base in the Northeast of China. Established on the development strategy of “Global Vision, National Strategy, Talent Support, Innovation Driving”, oriented around the market, the park relies on the nationally initiated “Privatization of Knowledge, Commercialization of Achievements, Scientific Research Based on Corporate System, Lifelong Benefit System”, to introduce global high-level technological talents with high-tech projects as the media, establish a nationally leading professional incubation platform for technical innovation. It aims to realize the Chinese dream of Yuanda of “Repaying the Motherland with Science and Technology” with the strong resource integrating capacity of Yuanda Enterprise Group.

With the strong support of the government at each level and our unremitting efforts, the Park has developed and grown steadily. Since its establishment, the Park has successively incubated new industries such as grinding robot, environment protection, intelligent agriculture and industrialized residence. It is now incubating 6 technology companies at home and abroad (2 in Germany) and has introduced 10 high-level talents from home and abroad (6 from Germany) in such areas as vibration and precise control, high-power ultrasonic application, collaborative robot, system emulation, building simulation and solid waste treatment.

The Park is an incubation platform led by enterprises. Relying on its experts and consultants in regions with technology and HR advantages, based on the globally largest technology market of China, the system and mechanism advantages of Park have attracted global high-level talents to China to start up business, incubated high-tech venture enterprises and effectively connected technology with the market. Under the “China Manufacture 2025” Policy, the Park is relying on the industrial ties of Shenyang China-Germany Industrial Park, the conventional industrial foundation of Shenyang’s equipment manufacture industry, and its own innovation system and mechanisms and professional incubation platform. The Park will definitely usher in a bright future and make important contributions to the transformation and upgrade of China’s manufacture sector.

Ecological Factory

Upholding the unity of heaven and man and inspired by the nature, all people of Yuanda observe a development philosophy of “People Oriented, Harmony and Unity with the Nature”, practice modern humanity ideas in the corporate development and try to create a modernized ecological enterprise. The scenery in Yuanda Factory is beautiful and enchanting in all seasons.

Experiment Platform
Covering 104,000 ㎡ and with a floor area of 10,406.15 ㎡, the R&D and experiment platform of the Park is based on research and development of applied and basic technologies and environment reliability verification of products and supplemented by exhibition of achievements, which will be built into the first-ever experiment and testing center for testing, R&D and exhibition of achievements in China.

The platform comprises an ultrasonic laboratory, a vibration laboratory, a collaborative robot laboratory, an industrial engineering laboratory, a construction laboratory and an agricultural laboratory. With over 60 sets of large-scale testing and experiment equipment, complete instruments and equipment and senior testing technicians, the platform provides customers with test designing and consulting services.

With a theme of “Innovation and Development” and an area of approximately 5,000 ㎡, the exhibition center of experiment projects is divided into eight exhibition areas, namely, robots, ultrasonic products, vibration products, emulation, industrial engineering, elevators, curtain walls, agriculture/agricultural machinery. The exhibition center displays over 40 sets of equipment, mainly in fields such as advanced technologies, advanced products and potential industries. Integrating testing, R&D and exhibition of achievements, it brings customers from different fields a first-hand experience of R&D and testing processes, a stronger interaction with research achievements and a new customer experience.

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